DIY All Natural & Healthy Popsicles for Summertime!

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I was looking for a cold snack for my daughter and I, but I didn’t want to sacrifice health for something delicious!

Here is what I came up with:

I used:

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Five pineapple slices (juice included!). I didn’t use water but you might want to add about a cup of water if you don’t want it super sweet!

That’s it! Blend it all together until you achieve a smooth consistency. Pour it into your Popsicle trays (I bought two for $2 at Dollar Tree), and you’re ready to freeze!

I let mine freeze overnight but that’s not necessary. Take them out once they’re frozen and enjoy!

Tip: to remove the frozen Popsicle from the tray simply run it under warm water. I did that for about 30 seconds (over the entire tray). That way, your Popsicle slides out of the tray effortlessly.

You can also make these Popsicles with all kinds of other fruits or a combination. Experiment with different ways to create this healthy summertime treat :).


Comment below if you have any other healthy snacks your family enjoys!

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