How To Get From Disappointment To Hope

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We all have disappointments in our lives. We’re passed up for that promotion, our kids don’t get the grades we think they should, or someone treats us badly.

Life is full of them. Sometimes it seems like every time we turn around there is more disappointment.

God never promised us an easy life, or that disappointments wouldn’t come. Some disappointments are like tests….are we going to pass? How will we handle our disappointments?

I’ve experienced disappointment a lot in my own life. People haven’t always treated me the way I deserve to be treated. I’ve failed more times than I care to count, and I’ve lost loved ones.

If we’re not careful, disappointment can get us stuck. I’ve spent years stuck, so disappointed that I couldn’t move forward. I’ve been afraid to try new things because of bad experiences I’ve had.

And I’ve had to learn to forgive others, those who haven’t treated me well, and learn to live without high expectations regarding my relationships with those people.

The thing about being disappointed is this….you can get reappointed and find hope. You forgive, you accept things the way they are, you move on.

Disappointments are temporary, but hope is eternal.

If something isn’t right, we need to do what we can to change it. When we struggle with our feelings, sometimes all we can do is offer them up to God, Who can take our disappointment and do something wonderful with it. Sometimes I think He uses it for fuel* to keep us going.

*Disappointment is the fuel that keeps driving us forward as we strive to reach our destination.

God gives us hope, even in the midst of our troubling circumstances. He gives us a chance to recover from past mistakes, and if that’s not possible, to start again.

Go back to the beginning. Sure, some disappointing circumstances are beyond our control, but we can act on the things we do control, the biggest thing being our attitude.

When I am pressed on every side by troubles, I am not crushed and broken. When I am perplexed because I don’t know why things happens as they do, I don’t give up and quit. 2 Corinthians 4:8

I think the biggest thing we can do is surrender. Talk to God, tell Him you’re disappointed, and ask for His help in moving on. He will never fail you or forsake you, you don’t have to handle your disappointment alone.

Trust Him and He will give you Hope.

How do you overcome disappointments? I’d love for you to share with us in the comments.

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