Dollar Tree Craft: Soap Dispenser $1


Creating a soap dispenser from an oil dispenser is a great way to fancy-up your kitchen sink and get rid of the plastic from your counter. Plus, the soap labels can be a little busy as well. I hope this short tutorial gives you some neat ideas!

What You’ll Need:

  • Dollar Tree oil dispenser
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Soap!
  • White Permanent Marker


I'm using the oil dispenser for my oil.. But we don't use Vinegar very much so I wanted to use it for something else!

I’m using the oil dispenser for my cooking oil… But we don’t use Vinegar very much so I wanted to use it for something else!

Before I decided to paint over the existing label, I tried to remove it since it is not etched into the glass. After having tried acetone, as recommended on Pinterest, and some paint/varnish remover, neither of those worked!

I opted for the next best thing: chalkboard paint!


Clean your dispenser thoroughly before you start.

Next, paint over the label in the rectangular shape that it has already. You can always decide to paint a bigger section (a horizontal stripe around it?) or paint the entire piece.

After two coats...

After two coats…

I used two coats of chalkboard paint, but one coat covered it completely.

The second step is labeling you new soap dispenser. You can be as creative or simple as you want. Of course I kept it simple but don’t be afraid to change the font or use stencils!

get-attachment (29)

I did not use a permanent chalk marker or white sharpie for the purpose of this tutorial, however, considering your label will more than likely come into contact with water, I would advise you use one!

If you ever need to change  the label for whatever reason, simply paint over it again!

I love how neat and uniform my kitchen sink looks. I try to keep my counters clear, especially around my sink, and this helps make it look more “clean”.


Before and After

Before and After

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  • Teresa

    Are the original labels still visible looking through the other side of the jar?

    • Teresa

      I am having the same experience with acetone and Brakleen – it’s not taking off the white paint! What did they use?! lol I’d love to try your idea, but at least one person I am giving this to has a sink that it is on an island, so the other side of the bottle will be visible, and that is why I asked if you can see the original label from the other side.

      • Rachel

        You can see the original label from the other side, but with soap inside, it’s not clear at all. The label isn’t apparent, and as you can see my soap is green so that may depend on how transparent your soap is.

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