“Free the Spaghetti” Fourth of July Game

“Free the Spaghetti” Fourth of July Game

This fun game, a twin to Pickup Sticks, will have kids focused on how to free spaghetti noodles (uncooked) from their messes, just like those who fought in the Revolution freed us from British messes…and just like God frees us from our spiritual messes!


• several boxes of THICK spaghetti


Students will compete to see who can be the most careful by collecting uncooked spaghetti strands.


• If you have a large number of children, divide them into smaller groups of three or four.

• Have each group sit in a circle.

• Take a large handful of spaghetti, hold it 2-3 inchess off the floor between the students. Watch it make a bramble or pile, like pick-up sticks.


Look at these piles of spaghetti noodles. They are all in a bit of a mess, aren’t they? When America needed to become an Independent nation, it was in a big mess like this. Taxes, lack of religious freedom, and so many restraints had people feeling like they were all tangled up with each other in a huge mess. They needed to be set free, just like this pasta strands need to be set free. Let’s see how we can remove the strands without moving any others in the pile—like Pick-Up Sticks—and we’ll talking about freedom when we’re done.


1. One student per team will try to pick up one piece of spaghetti from the pile.

2. They may not move any other pieces of spaghetti while doing so.

3. If they do, their turn is up and it is on to the next player.

4. The player who has the most spaghetti by the time all the strands are feed wins the game.


See how your strands are all laid out neatly now? They’ve been freed, just like America was freed and became independent. These piles were also like we were before we knew Jesus. We were all in a bramble of selfcenteredness, and do you see how one stick affected the position of the ones around it? It’s a bit like our sins. They affect everyone around us. But thanks to the love of Christ we are free to love now…just like our nation is free to worship God.



Mary Kate Warner

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