Pushing Through the Pain


Recently in life,  I have been going through a bit of a trial. The strange thing about it is, that once I saw it as a refining moment, my whole perspective changed. It became less about the people and circumstances involved and more about the work God was doing in me. Can I just say how freeing it is when that shift comes about? When you are simply looking for change in others or in circumstances,  you can feel powerless. You are stuck in a holding pattern until someone else decides to be different – which may never happen. I wish I had a nickel for every time I asked for God to change a person’s heart, or another nickel for every time I prayed for the circumstances to be different. However, when we turn our eyes inward and open our hearts to what Holy Spirit has for us in this season, things change. You will be amazed at what other people and outside circumstances can help to reveal about you. You will be further amazed at how different you can feel about the situation even if nothing has really changed except your way of dealing with it.

When you feel that invitation from Holy Spirit to press in and reach a new level of awareness – take the invitation!  Often times it hurts a little at first. You become aware of your weaknesses or you get reminded of a flaw that you already knew you had,  but pushing past the sensitivity of self examination brings growth. This is as much about our flesh rejecting the sacrifice it takes to pursue holiness as it is the Enemy making a last-ditch effort to convince us the cost of holiness is too high and too uncomfortable.

I want to encourage anyone going through a tough time that it is worth the pain and sacrifice to grow closer to God.

In this life we will have trouble. Things will go wrong, people will disappoint , and you will be misunderstood. All these things are opportunities to sand off an imperfection and a worldly pattern of thinking in exchange for an upgrade from the Holy Spirit.

Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…

Romans 12:2 is a call to press through the pain of life to receive the upgrade!

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