Joy With Children


Lately, I have been in this season of life of acknowledging the fact that I have two strong-willed toddlers.  On top of that, one of them is really emotional.  A lot of nights I would get in bed and just pout because the day had not gone as planned or the memories were not anything like what I had played in my mind.  My expectations were not my reality.  As seek God through this trying season (and Dr. Dobson on parenting strong-willed children) I am learning to not focus on my expectations for how I think the memory should be or what they should learn.  As I type this it may be becoming a bit more clear where these little personalities are coming from!

I’m finding the more I seek God before we do an activity (or when I leave Him out when I shouldn’t) or anything for that matter that I can tell how the experience of whatever we are doing goes.  

When I leave my expectations alone and stay focused on just purely loving on my children that we all have a much better time together.

I encourage you as you take time with your children to just get down to their level and ask what they want to play or let them guide you into what they are finding interesting in the moment.  No matter how tired I am when I see them conquer something new or just giggle uncontrollably I find an extra push to jump in with them and simply enjoy them.

Let’s take the challenge to take quality time with our children each day and love on them as much as they can.  They will be grown and gone before we know it.

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