Homemade Baby Wipes

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We love these wipes! I hope you will, too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Round container with lid -to fit a half-sized paper towel roll
  • Sharp knife
  • Baby oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Baby wash {optional}
  • Measuring cup- to 1 cup
  • Tablespoon


Start out by cutting a paper towel roll in half. During this process, you may want to use a cutting board and cut along the outside until you reach the center near the cardboard roll. It takes some effort to cut through the cardboard roll but that’s the hardest part of this DIY, I promise!

Once you have your roll cut into two, put one half inside your container. The paper towel brand I like best is Viva, because it’s very soft. But I like Bounty or Bounty Select-a-Size, too. Use what you have!

Pour in:

2 Tbsp Baby Oil
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil {melted}
1 Tbsp Baby Wash {completely optional}
1 Cup Warm Water

*Tip: I like to pour the water over everything else to distribute the other products better. Otherwise, the order you pour the ingredients really makes no difference. Make sure when you pour the ingredients, pour over the entire roll evenly.

Now put the lid tightly onto the container and flip it upside down. This will help the water flow back through the roll and distribute the products better. Leave it upside down for about five minutes.

Once the five minutes have passed, turn it right-side up and remove the lid. Next, remove the cardboard center. It should easily come up, since it’s very moist and has been separated from the rest of the roll.

Discard the cardboard and now the wipes are ready to go! To start, make sure to grab a sheet from the center of the roll. It should look like the picture shown here:

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Our Experience:

Our experience with these wipes has been phenomenal. At first, I didn’t add the coconut oil and added the lavender baby wash. The lavender baby wash was mostly for scent. As we kept using them, I was able to find the perfect recipe that works a hundred times better than traditional wipes!

Anytime I use traditional wipes now, there is a huge difference. I always go back to these! The coconut oil was added for moisture but it also works as an amazing “built-in” diaper rash cream as well.

You could always try a lavender scented baby oil if you wanted something lavender. Many people have used a similar recipe and like to use the baby wash. I stopped using the baby wash and saw no difference…there just weren’t any suds anymore! The choice is yours :).

I hope you and your baby enjoy these wipes!

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  • Robin in NC

    Would these be septic tank safe? Thanks!

    • Rachel

      Hi Robin,

      Seeing as these are made from paper towels, unfortunately, they would not be safe for your septic tank. However, I don’t believe traditional baby wipes are either! I hope you found this article helpful, nonetheless. :)

      • Robin in NC

        I enjoyed it very much! Thanks Rachel!

        • Rachel

          I’m so glad!

          God bless,

  • Jami

    Any issues with mold/mildew? I’ve seen some similar ideas and they’ve had to add something to keep the mold away.

    • Rachel

      Hello Jami,

      I have not had any issues with mold or mildew with these wipes. Although we go through wipes rather quickly, as long as you keep the container sealed I don’t think there should be a problem. It may just depend on how often you plan to use them (daily, weekly, monthly…) and how you store them. I hope this helps!

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